Diane Steadman
Two friends and I set off tonight for Pilates. I had a bad back, they had had stressful days. We have returned happy and laughing and feeling so much better. Pilates is just brilliant and Debbie Chambers is an ace Pilates teacher. Thank you, Debbie.

Mandy Young – Pilates, Aerobics & UNITE
The music you choose is brilliant and always inspiring. I
love all the classes and am enjoying my back being much improved since
starting pilates. I managed to dig for 6 hours last Saturday, I could not
have done this a year ago.
Thank you for always being so positive and full of vigour, a massive
encouragement to us all.

Prime 21/90 feedback

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Lynda Fox – Pilates, Hiit & Unite.
    I love my Pilates classes and enjoy the exercises and the relaxed feeling I experience afterwards. Debbie, our fabulous and enthusiastic instructor, is always inventive and uses interesting techniques to release tension. This week we were using a tennis ball to induce ‘myofascial release’, used on the fleshy parts of the body, of which I have plenty to choose from!
    I worked on the right buttock; in an area know as a ‘sweet spot’, where I have been experiencing a dull ache. By laying on the tennis ball and moving it around it really did start to release the pain. This morning I woke up, with no dull ache in my buttock or right leg. What a relief; and it does work. Must get a tennis ball, so simple but very effective.
    Thanks Debbie.

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