Parent friendly Aerobics

Hi all

I run a parent friendly” AEROBICS” class on a Wednesday morning at Centre 67 at 9.30,( just after school starts,  if you have older children)

However, being a mum myself, I understand that the key to exercise for mums, is TIME – on your own!  Not always possible??  So if you still  have little ones at home, why not bring them along – this class is a  45 minute blast (not too long!) so bring them with you and do what you can.

I have mums that bring babies & toddlers so why not give it a go!

If you want to join in, please give me a ring on 07925 535586 to discuss the details

look forward to hearing from you

Debbie x

Published by Debbie Chambers

ONLINE sessions Mon 6 pm & 6.45 pm & Thu 7 pm Via Zoom Wed morning sessions Bolton village hall

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